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Pasadena: Home on the Range
Home, home on the range, is where you'll find the citizen of Pasadena. The jewel of the San Gabriel Valley, Pasadena, began, ostensibly, as a haven for asthmatics. The clean air, temperate climate, and ample sunshine, proved the perfect mixture for one Dr. Daniel Berry of Indiana. Keen on escaping the brutal winter of 1873, Berry, an avowed asthmatic, resettled approximately 100 families, many of whom also suffered from asthma, to this slice of the Arroyo Seco. With 4,000 acres to build upon, the Indiana Colony was born. Old Pasadena is the heart that beats in Pasadena chest. Originally developed to accommodate the colonys agricultural and ranching industries, the town center quickly became a bustling business district. Once consider the "Athens of the West," Pasadena has always nurtured a freethinking spirit and commitment to learning. Though the area was temporarily blighted during the late 1940s, it transformed itself into a hippie haven in the 1960s and ultimately found its way to a new gentrified glory.

The first home in Old Pasadena belonged to Albert Bristol, while Barney Williams, who did double duty as the postmaster, ran the first general store. Across the street the Grand Hotel was built and soon thereafter, Pasadena become a winter resort for chilled Easterners. Indeed, it was as fashionable to winter in Pasadena.

In response to the influx of interlopers, the Castle Green Hotel was erected in 1887 and Pasadena has never looked back in terms of creating an inviting atmosphere for visitors. The nearby Throop University eventually became the revered center of science and engineering known as Caltech. Though development did slow for close to 50 years, Pasadena has experienced an incredible resurgence that was initiated in 1993. Now the proliferation of stores, boutiques and cafes has breathed a new vitality into this historic town.

The feather in Pasadenas cap has always been the annual Tournament of Roses Parade. Started by the Valley Hunt Club in 1890, the Tournament began as a parade of rose-bedecked carriages. Today, it is a national event celebrated on New Years Day and culminating in the now famous Rose Bowl. Both events draw a multitude of tourists eager to partake in a slice of history. With the proliferation of Pasadena motels and hotels, accommodation has never been hard to come by this side of the Mississippi.

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