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A visit to the Rome Vatican Museums
Any fan of art can not miss visiting the Rome Vatican Museums when traveling to Rome. The sheer volume of art that the Roman Church commissioned and collected over the centuries is astounding. Factor in the extraordinary skill of the artists recruited by the Catholic Church to supply all of the paintings and sculptures and its not difficult to understand why the unique experience of the Rome Vatican Museums attracts over four million visitors every year. From the Sistine Chapel and Michelangelos Ceiling to the Collection of Modern Religious Art, contemplating the history and magnificence of the Vatican Museums is awe inspiring.
by SusannaChiga

The museums and their wonderful collections were started over 500 years ago, in 1506, by Pope Clementine with the purchase of a statue that a farmer discovered in his vineyard. A slightly inauspicious beginning for a collection of works that is unrivaled in the world, but the growth from that point was rapid and continuous. For the value of a Vatican museum ticket you not only view paintings and sculptures, but the museums themselves are works of art. Frescoes to leave one speechless line the walls of architecturally stunning Vatican museums. Even the staircase is a work of art, reminding one of the interior of a golden Nautilus shell. That Vatican reservation you make will take some of the time out of the wait to get in with the other 1000 plus visitors for the day, this gives you more time to enjoy the arched corridors, painting and sculpture and less time in line.

The Pio Clementino is the most popular of the Vatican Museums. Its 54 rooms filled with painting and statuary culminate in the Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel. When you are getting your Vatican Museum tickets this will probably be your first stop. Allowing a lot of time for this visit is highly recommended, because the overwhelming volume and quality of the priceless works require a long time to be absorbed and appreciated. If you can remember to make a Vatican reservation before heading to Rome it will make for a much more enjoyable visit. Then you are able to spend more time soaking up such marvels as the 120 meter long Gallery of Maps, topped off with a ceiling that will have you wondering if you should have brought backup batteries and memory cards for you camera.

In addition to the most important painting and sculpture that you expect to see, your Vatican museum ticket also allows you the access to the Museo Gregoriano Etrusco and the Museo Egizio. The pre Roman Etruscans dominated the current Tuscany region, and on display you can admire the eight galleries of Etruscan archaeological pieces that pre date the Caesars. That Vatican reservation also includes viewing the artifacts of Ancient Egypt, a collection that was started by Pope Gregory. The Book of the Dead with its beautiful illustrations, is housed along with animal mummies and a large collection of papyri, rounding out the most extensive collection of Mediterranean art that has ever existed.

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