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There is one attraction in Texas that can be called a small 'Eighth Wonder of the World'. It is the so-called Stonehenge II, inspired by the pagan structure in Salisbury, England. It isn't really stone, as what it would make you believe. In reality, out of all the henges around the attraction grounds, there's only one in there that is actually stone. The others are made out of plaster, steel frames. metal lathe, and white washing. The original stone was given to Al Sheppard, the constructor and initiator of the project. He had decided to erect the stone on his ground. That was when the idea was conceived. A bit later, some Easter Island heads were added a distance away. The heads are a good addition to the overall feel of the place.

The project was an object of friendship. With the obscurity of one stone looking funny. The original arch was created, and soon others were added, until the whole structure was built.

The Easter island heads were added a few years after the henge project was finished. The Easter heads look just the same as the original statues minus the weathered-tone, the material used and the actual weight and cost. They have the same mysterious look, the tone and even the gaudy jewelry and others.

Apparently, before he died, he had taken a trip to Alaska and had an interest in adding a totem pole to the collection of Easter heads, stone henges and what not.

The entire plan was for it to be just a retirement house, but Mr. Sheppard had no idea how this was going to spark natural curiosity. The whole attraction actually costs no entrance fee or anything, and visitors, tourists and resident children alike can frolic and play around the structures.

Just don't vandalize them. They are very important pieces to a very inspired man.

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