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China in Texas
Texas has the Forbidden Gardens, a 40-something acre of flatland, miniature figurines, clay statues and everything Chinese. Built and funded under the meticulous taste of Mr. Ira P. H. Poon, dubbed 'Mr. Poon'; the whole of the attraction mimics and replicates the over all feel of Chinese atmosphere and culture. The Forbidden Garden, is by far, the most visited of Chinese parks all around the world. Even the authentic Chinese museums have a hard time competing with the Forbidden Garden.

It's not a matter of who has the better attraction, but because of the accessibility. China has strict, and oftentimes unjustifiable travel policies (hey, it's their country. They have their own rules they follow.) that make it very hard, even for the Chinese themselves, to visit the Forbidden temple, the grave of Shi Huang Di, and many others. It's cheaper to travel to America and just see the replica, even if you come from China, is what I have heard.

The attraction cost 2 million dollars overall, and has a complete repertoire of an 'authentic courtyard', koi ponds, arcades, incense and the sound of a Chinese lute from faraway.

Another attraction in this area is the miniature replica of the terracotta army of Emperor Qin. If you've been watching a lot of spy movies and that particular Tomb Raider movie, you'd know what they are. They have at least 6000, as far as they say, but it's not impossible to see. The sheer volume of the statues would leave you with no taste to count. Up in the front, a large emperor statue commands the unmovable army.

This is a good chance for tourists to try and have a taste of little China in the big States. It is a very unique attraction in Texas, one that should not be passed up if you are in town.

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