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Britax Frontier Toddler Seat
The Britax Frontier Toddler Car Seat is an excellent safety booster seat for any parent wanting to keep a toddler as safe as possible for as long as possible. This great car seat is ideal for children over 25 pounds, but is still equally as suitable for children up to 100 pounds. Peace of mind is given to parents knowing that their child is secure in their car seat with the Britax 5 point harness system. It is an adjustable harness meaning that your child will still experience comfort as he or she grows. When your toddler outgrows the harnessing, the Britax Frontier car seat can be easily converted into a safe booster seat that is secured by your car's own seatbelt. This car seat is suitable for little tots who are at least 2 years old, are 25 pounds and are 30" tall. The Frontier by Britax is best suited for parents who wish to graduate their little tykes from a convertible car seat.

You will be able to protect your child while riding in your car by the Britax adjustable features. The Britax Frontier is somewhat smaller than the popular Britax Regent. However, do not let the smaller size fool you. It simply means that the Frontier will fit easier into most cars. The smaller size of the Britax Frontier delivers the added benefits of not only an 80 pound harness but it also allows a booster of up to 100 pounds. One of the convenient features of the Frontier is the no-thread harness adjuster. This will help to keep frustrations to a minimum. If you need to carry around the car seat, the small size of the Britax Frontier is an advantage. To make sure that the safety and security of your child is not compromised, the Frontier has a great recline block feature which allows you to position your child's sitting position.

The Britax Frontier creators have made sure that your child is protected from potential side-impacts by offering seat sides that are padded for additional comfort on the inside, but are reinforced with hardened plastic that is quite sturdy on the outside that will give maximum safety.

Some car seats have raised side wings which make it hard to get your child into position without the child having to go into contortions. The Britax Frontier has chair arm-rests which can be raised when putting your child into a sitting position. They can again be lowered to provide arm-rest support and will also give an added level of security so that you child cannot move around so easily.

In the event of an accident, the Britax Frontier's Harness Ultra Guard system was developed to make sure that your child's forward head movement is somewhat restricted. This provides an additional level of safety for your child as well as reassurance for the parents.

Once your toddler outgrows the Britax Frontier car seat, it can be easily converted to a booster seat that is still comfortable and secure for the bigger child.

Kids love the cushioned comfort of the Frontier car seat. Not only do they have a secure padded car seat, but they also have the softness of the velour-like fabric to snuggle into while you drive. Overall, the Britax Frontier Toddler Car Seats are highly recommended for safety and comfort as well as the ability to convert your car seat into a booster seat as your child grows.

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