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A Day in The Nampa Farmers Market
After a full week of working behind some office desk or studying in a confined classroom a relaxing weekend is very much anticipated. Weekends are best spent with family and friends where one can relax, have fun and release the mind fro worries and stress of work and studies. A great weekend is usually spent outdoors on a fishing trip, or a picnic in a nearby park or a family strolls in the mall. A well-planned weekend getaway is the best neutralizer for a whole week of working.
The Nampa Farmers Market in Idaho is a busy area in the historical downtown Idaho, located between 1st Street South and Front Street. The Market opens on Saturdays from 9 in the morning until 1 in the afternoon during May to October. Farmers from nearby places flock the market early to display their wares, goods and produce. Vendors are encouraged to sign up a formal application form before being a part of the vendors association in Nampa Farmers Market. Nampa locals and other buyers keep coming back every weekend to meet with their favorite suppliers and sellers.

A weekend morning at the Nampa Farmers Market is a great way to bring your kids in and show them the colorful and busy life at the Market. In here, your kids will see for themselves the wonderful and delicious produce straight from a farmers farm. Honey, vegetables, jams and other garden produce are sold fresh and at a reasonable price at the market. Some vendors were able to establish bonds with their market customers and treat them as second family.

The Nampa Farmers Market has a curios history to share as well. It all started back in the late 1980's around 89 where there are only three vendors and customers are just a few. In 1998 the market was relocated to the historical downtown Idaho at the front of the Historical Museum. Since the vendors has grown to an average of 40 to 50 per week. Dance and music entertainment are also provided as an enriching backdrop of your shopping experience.

Shopping at the Nampa Farmers Market is indeed a great experience meant to cherish.

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