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A Review of Resorts in the Himalyan Mountains
With the increased availability to travel to Europe and South America, vacations and travel to these regions of the globe is not as exotic as it once was. Super highways and commuter flights throughout the United States and North America have eased travel and made vacationing in these areas seem dull as well. To visit a locale that is still considered exotic and adventurous, one might try the continent of Asia. Asia offers a new world of travel and adventure. The myriad of cultures throughout the continent allow travelers the ability to return to the region on multiple vacations without seeing the same thing over and over again. The countries of Asia provide access to some of the world's largest cities, tallest mountains, and a wide variety of traditions, people and religions.

Some travelers may be out for the lights and business of the city. Hong Kong, China; Bangkok, Thailand; and Tokyo, Japan all offer the familiar look of a large city, but in a completely different manner. Exotic foods mixed with bright city lights will offer an urban adventure to travelers wanting to vacation with all the comforts of large hotels.

Travelers that want something more off the beaten path can find what they want in Asia as well. The Himalayan Mountains of Nepal, India, and Tibet offer some of the most challenging rock climbing adventures known to man. Adventures from a couple of days to weeks can be arranged with personal guides to traverse the dangerous cliffs. Some adventure goers choose to brave the rivers of the region via kayaks. Lessons are even available to those who want to improve their skills.

One must be prepared for not only the difference in cultures, but also the difference in climates. Depending on which region the vacationer chooses, they should research the possible effects of increased humidity levels for destinations such as Thailand and Indonesia, or they need to prepare for the reduced oxygen levels available in the mountainous regions of the Himalayas.

Whether an Asian vacation takes one to the big city or the rural regions, safety and courtesy is always advised to be observed. Read guide books, take a class, or meet people from the region you are going to visit in order to gain better perspective. When you prepare for a vacation overseas, you should do so with care. Another way to prepare for a vacation overseas, is to find a few documentaries, foreign films, and other media that will give you a glimpse into the lives of those you will be visiting. Immersing yourself into the culture before taking a vacation is a way to maintain your excitement. As you learn more about the culture, you should take note of the differences and similarities of cultures so you will be able to get along with people you meet along the way.

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