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5 Ways to Travel Around the World for Free
Free travel might seem like a pipe dream since it is often believed that everything worth having has a price. Traveling for free does have a cost, but not one that can be paid for in money. Traveling for free is possible and the journey can be life changing. You may wonder how anyone can travel for free. One of the most common ways of traveling for free is to join a government sponsored volunteer program. These programs have projects all around the world and you can not only travel for free but do some good while you're there.

Volunteers are typically required for teaching English, rendering medical and dental services, working in farms and helping natural conservation. The volunteer in turn experiences a new culture, learns a new way of life and renders a worthwhile service to those less fortunate than the volunteer. These programs expect the volunteer to live and work with the locals. Most volunteer programs cover the cost of travel and sometimes cover accommodation.

Other ways to travel for free are to find jobs on cruise and cargo ships, or look for gigs at ski and vacation resorts. Other options include participating in house exchanges with foreign families, switching houses for a short period. House sitting for friends or even strangers is another great way to travel for free and learn about another city.

You should enter contests online and on the television or newspapers which give an all expenses paid journey as a prize. These may be a gamble but they are well worth trying for the possible opportunity of traveling to a dream destination at no cost.

If your skills and talents meet the requirements, the Rotary club and other service clubs have international exchange programs where they select individuals to travel abroad to share their culture and learn a new way of life.

For travelers willing to be creative, there are many ways of traveling the world for free. Some time spent online will uncover even more options for free travel than are covered in this article. Search for links to groups and organizations that sponsor free travel. What are you waiting for? Get started on your free travels!

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