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Enjoy Tokyo On A Shoestring Budget
Any tourist in Tokyo would know how difficult it is to have a cheap trip in the country. Most things cost a leg and a half in Japan. Yet, there are many ways you can still save money and have a great holiday. The tips below will provide some ideas on how you can save on a trip to Tokyo. While it is always sensible to only pay what you can afford, do not shortchange yourself either. Enjoy a nice holiday without spending too much but spoil yourself sometimes when necessary.

Hotels - Tokyo hotels are notorious for being over priced and often burn a hole in travelers' pockets. Cheaper establishments might be hard to find but they exist. Some of them include business hotel chains and dormitories which are much safer and cleaner than those in other countries. Book in advance to secure your room.

Ryokan - If you want to save more money on the place you will be staying in Tokyo, why not consider a ryokan? It is a form of accommodation for tourists that provides a feel of traditional Japan. You get to sleep on futon sets and meals are provided which feature quite a spread in most cases.

Japan Rail Pass - This is a discount rail ticket that allows travel on the rail networks in both Tokyo and other cities in Japan. It can be bought for travel periods starting from 7 days and provides long term savings over purchasing individual tickets per ride.

Vending machines - Vending machines are as commonplace in Tokyo as there are people. They have provided much convenience in the city as you can get anything from these coin operated sales counters. The prices are also low and can keep your travel costs down at the same time.

Ramen shops - The Japanese love their ramen and this is evident in the thousands of restaurants that sell the noodle dish. You can fill your stomach with one serving and they are very tasty as well. And at an average cost of between 300 to 900 yen, ramen is one of the cheapest meals you can have in Tokyo.

Onsen - These are establishments that have hot springs or baths that people normally visit for a relaxing dip. Many of them allow guests to stay overnight at a cost of between 1,500 to 2,000 yen. That is much lower than dormitories and can be a cheap alternative for any tourist or budget traveler.
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