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Cirque de Soleil can be seen Worldwide
The Cirque de Soleil troupes are always taking the meaning of artistry and exclusive performances up a notch, to previously unseen levels. Audiences all over the world, every single place they go, respond positively to these imaginatively performed and incredibly produced shows. This is why Cirque de Soleil tickets are a hot property in literally every single city the show lands. Cirque De Soleil started merely as unique live acts that were original and different, mixing mediums and performances with colors and effects. They, from the beginning, astonished and surprised audiences well enough to receive nothing but the highest praise, and have since transformed themselves into the most entertaining and high tech shows in the world. Currently, multiple troupes bring different shows to national audiences, and each one of them is a true work of art. Virtually every first time viewer comes away a devoted fan of the Cirque de Soleil. Having seen the show once, they want nothing more than to see as many new renditions as they can.


The shows that are currently produced by Cirque de Soleil are many and each is defined by specific choreography, performers and production methods. In order to broaden their public appeal the performances are never kept the same. These unique and constantly changing performances keep Cirque de Soleil tickets selling at a brisk pace.

Fans of Cirque de Soliel know that there will always be something new and exciting for them to see. Some of today's top performances include O, Ka, Mystere at Treasure Island, Love and Zumanity. These shows, as with all Cirque de Soliel performances, showcase both the artistry and the physical condition of dozens of performers as well as feature some of the best settings and technical displays in the world.


Cirque de Soleil was established by its founder 25 years ago in 1984 and was designed to feature the most outstanding entertainment acts for appreciative audiences. Guy Laliberte, the Cirque's founder, was born in Quebec in 1959 where he developed his own talents as an accordion player, a fire eater and a stilt walker. He performed in many settings, and was a street performer for part of the time.

It was Guy Laliberte's vision to discover and work with other gifted performers who had similar backgrounds and his small group was soon delighting many audiences. Laliberte was the one who came up with the idea to define the Cirque de Soleil by blending cultures, music and acrobatics into well defined and distinctive routines. This unusual and successful combination created by Guy Laliberte soon had eager fans standing in long lines just to get Cirque de Soleil tickets. Today there are traveling troupes that perform in countries across the globe and some companies are contracted for longer engagements in major cities like Las Vegas.


Cirque de Soleil has plans that only entail continuing its unprecedented success in providing audiences with the finest theatrical experiences available. New plans, however, are in the works. One of Cirque's newer performances, Ka, has actually taken a step toward making Cirque de Soleil more like a stage show, or production. Ka is the first Cirque production that actually features a plot and storyline that helps the audience easily follow along with all of the action that is taking place on stage, which can otherwise become somewhat overwhelming.

Ka has experienced nothing but rave reviews. It is a Far Eastern themed story idea, and has created a huge buzz of excitement, especially in Vegas. Tours are already planned for the US, Canada and Europe for 2009, and Cirque tickets are being purchased quickly for the best shows, as fans don't want to miss each new incarnation that Cirque dares to bring to the stage.

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