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Goa - Land of Plenty

Goa is known as the land of beaches but this small sun-kissed, west Indian state has much more to offer visitors.

 Travel along the potholed roads of Goa's countryside and you're sure to come across the "Goan Traffic Police" " or cows to you and me. These sacred animals earn their nickname from the locals because they wander across the road regardless of traffic.

 Just as you would expect in this Indian enclave everything moves at its own unique pace " a rather laid-back affair with few rules and minimum fuss.

As a holiday destination India has always promised a lot, and more often than not it delivers. Goa is no exception. Many are drawn to its modern resorts, vibrant bars and beautiful beaches. In recent years Goa's population has grown to over 1 million as migrant traders seek to make a living on its shores.

Land of Riches... This former Portuguese enclave has freed itself from its European colonial past, keeping much of what was good and ditching the rest. Now, Goa is a busy state and a wealthy one, too. There is tourism to cater for, fish to be caught, rope twisted and twined, and cashew nuts harvested.

Everything is catered for in Goa but its main attractions are its bars and beaches. Elsewhere you can enjoy the daily ritual of Goan life. At nightfall dance with the Goans " their love of music is legendary and they are known to have a song and dance for every occasion.

Hedonism or Tranquility? If youre looking for a lively holiday then Goa's most established resort Baga offers a multitude of bars and restaurants. Further north the coast enjoys more peaceful resorts such as Arambol with its paradise beach. South of the state you'll find Palolem " a more traditional Goan experience where fishermen still haul in the daily catch along the beach.

Life's a beach... Goa's fabulous beaches are its lifeblood. In early evening they come alive with activity as the local traders set up their stalls. Take a moment to enjoy the legendary Goan sunset and relax as the sun slips into the sparkling Arabian sea.

Now one of the most established tourist destinations in India, Goa offers all the usual comforts of modern resorts and hotels whilst still allowing the visitor a taste of real Indian culture.

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