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Places To Visit In Lancashire
Lancashire, a county in the north of England is filled with sandy beaches, moors, hills, and beautiful landscapes. If you are looking for a picturesque vacation in which you can take long walks, enjoy local sights, and spend time on the beach, then this is the place for you. Lancashire is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the UK, and has the best beaches in the country. The county had a very important role in the industrial revolution as it had a booming textile industry. You can still see a few of these in the towns inland. The coastal towns of Blackpool, Morecambe, and Southport are all beach resorts catering to tourists and are very developed for the reason of the tourist population.

To be able to get a taste of the country, just go towards the north. Here you are able to take long walks particularly around the Pennine Hills and the Forest of Bowland which falls under one great reserve.

The history of the county is very rich as well. This is where the Pendle Witch Trials of the 17th century was held. A dozen women were blamed of being witches in what were to become England's most famed with trials. They apparently murdered ten people around the Pendle Hills area. You would be able to see the reminders of this at the Burnley and Pendle bus service "The Witch Way" which goes to Manchester and has a logo representing a flying witch. The hills still signifies witchcraft and at every Halloween host a gathering at the top.

While in Lancashire, do more than just spend time on the beach. visit the Forrest of Bowland as it is one of the most beautiful places in the county. This forest served as inspiration for "Lord of the Rings," so you must visit it to see what it was about that struck Tolkein.

The last Temperance Bar in the UK is in Rawtenstall and is called Fitzpatricks. It was founded in the 1890s and serves blood tonic, black beer, and other great drinks. In case you are in Waterfoot don't forget to visit The Boo which is a place for arts performances. Blackpool is one of the UK's top resorts, and should not be missed at any cost place specifically for families. The children will adore the amusement park, the Sea Life Centre, and the Blackpool Tower. Consequently, if you are planning a vacation with kids, they certainly will love the place and will persist on visiting again and again.

The Ashton Memorial was a gift by Lord Ashton and stands in Williamson Park in Lancaster. It looks a lot like St. Paul's cathedral, only this is situated in the forest and not in Vatican City. It is a memorial for Lord Ashton's wife, and inside it are an art gallery and a butterfly house.

Whilst in Lancashire, make sure you are able to watch a game of cricket as the locals are very concerned about their game. You should spend a full day here, but don't forget to pack a picnic lunch in order to enjoy the game thoroughly.

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