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Japan And Her Unique Culture
Japan as a country has a cultural background that is wide ranging and special. A growing number of people have taken fancy to a culture that has a unique ability to pique a person's interest and pull them in deeper. The Japanese are now known more for their fascinating exports that grew from an age of modernization than anything else. One of her fastest growing export is Japan's fashion. Asian fashion has always had a special place in the heart of many across the world. But Japanese fashion is one that is constantly evolving and on the edge of the hippest edges.

There is no lack of invention and variety in Japanese fashion. Its street fashion has already seeped into and has a place in both Asian and Western youth culture. Other unique left-field niches have also taken root in the global world such as cosplay, which was borne out of the popularity of anime.

J pop, or Japanese pop music as it is also known as, is another product of the modernization of Japan. It initially drew on Western influences to build an identity of its own. Now, J pop is constantly lapped up by adoring fans all over the world, even in the United States and Europe.

The same foreigners who have developed a love for anything Japanese have not spared the language either. There has been a constant influx of people who have made the effort to study the language in Japan, as well as to soak in the culture and atmosphere right in the country. A strong desire to learn more about Japan is at the heart of this movement.

There are other cultural exports that are more refined from Japan. These include calligraphy and art with tones that originated from the East Asian country. While brush art was born in China, the Japanese have adopted it as their own and given it their own twist.

There is an overriding obsession with cute and kitschy items in Japan. This has grown from their mentality and fondness for them since the modernization of the country gathered pace. The need to export also led to a heavy concentration on unique designs which eventually developed into a national identity that focused on cuteness.

The above are just some of the unique features about Japanese culture. They are also amongst the most popular ones that are often used to identify the country and her people. With such fascinating traits and exotic charm, there is much more waiting for you to learn about them.

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