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Culture Tourism in Turkey
When you decide to go turkey for holiday, do not forget to check your passport if it is valid for at least 90 days. Depending on your nationality, most probably your stay as a tourist is limited up to 3 months (for one entrance). In Turkey, daily life is the sum of efforts by family members settled in one place, in order to survive by mutually fulfilling their responsibilities.

You must buy your visa, which will be stamped on your passaport by the official, before you join the queue for passport control. The visa for UK passport holders currently costs 10 and must be paid for with a Sterling note.

Within this period, the duties of parents and children were shaped by conformity, customs, traditions and conventions that are the legacies of former times. On the other hand, due to changes in social and economic conditions, we can observe some changes in the way individuals carry out their duties, even if their contents stay the same.

Turkey has increased in popularity with holidaymakers in the past few years as prices for holidays have dropped to the region, partially due to the influx of cheap flights to Turkey but also many people who have been on holiday there have given much praise to the all-inclusive holidays on offer.

Plus: 200 grams tobacco and 200 cigarette papers or 200 grams pipe tobacco or 200 grams chewing tobacco or 200 grams tobacco for argyle or 50 grams snuff. In addition to the above allowances, it is also possible to purchase 200 cigarettes, 100 cigars and 500 grams pipe tobacco in the Turkish Duty Free Shops when entering the country.

The following may also be imported: 1.5 kg coffee; 1.5 kg instant coffee; 500 go teas; 1 kg Chocolate; 1 kg Confectionery; 1 (100 cl) or 2 (75cl or 70 cl) bottles of wine and/or spirits; cologne, lavender water, perfume, essence and lotion (120 ml maximum of each).

Folk dances are performed at weddings, engagement ceremonies, when sending young men off to perform their military service, at national and religious festivals, after victories, going to and coming back from from the high plateaus and at meetings such as ferfene, yaren talks.

Every town has its own colourful market. They don't come any bigger than Istanbul's Grand Bazaar, where thousands of shops sell everything from carpets and leather jackets to jewellery and spices - all at tempting prices.

On the other hand, festivals such as hidirellez and Nevruz are celebrated at the same time in all regions. Some festival dates are connected to domestic production conditions, and the dates of some others are decided by calendar tradition.

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