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Hawaiian Fairs and Festivals

I love living in Hawaii. It is the absolute paradise, with the warmth caring for your skin, the sound of the calming waves, and of course, all the beautiful girls. Right now, there is nowhere I'd rather be than in Hawaii.

 It wasn't always like this for me, though. I'm not a native of Hawaii, meaning I just moved here from someplace else in the USA. The humdrum of my old life became so tediously boring I packed up and moved.

Moving to Hawaii is no simple task. I made sure I had enough money in my bank account to get me through the move and keep me alive whilst I looked for a job in Hawaii. I didn't know anyone there at all, and it was literally a journey into unknown parts. Of course, I was hesitant, but I decided in the end that my savings could handle it. I just had to be savvy and not ration my funds in case things didn't work out.

I went to Hawaii as a vacationing tourist initially. I had a good look around, and I quickly discerned that my particular skill set would not be enough to get me a decent job here. A bit disheartened, I prepared myself for the journey back home.

But fortunately, I was surfing (on the Internet, and not on the beach kind) one evening and I chanced upon a site that kept a listing of all the scheduled craft fairs and shows that took place in Hawaii. I don't want to toot my own flute, but I knew an thing or two about woodcarving. I figured this was an opportunity for me to earn whilst I still didn't have a job.

I was concerned, unfortunately, that my crafts would be competing with existing Hawaiian-made crafts. My style of woodworking is completely different from the genuine Hawaiian crafted works. I have tried to emulate that particular style, but my heart really wasn't in it so I went back to the style I really wanted.

As it turns out, my concerns were unfounded. For while my crafts definitely did not attract the attention of the tourists, I was a hit among the people living there. They liked the change of pace that my own crafts brought, and they became excited about me going to the next craft show. Things turned out okay, in the end.

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