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California's Destinations
To most people, California is the most glamorous place on Earth. The diversity of the entire state is enough to please any traveller. From the great expanse of the Redwoods, to the glitz of Hollywood, California lands the best vacation destinations in America. Some of the greatest and largest trees in the world take root in Northern California. The grandest and oldest trees on the planet are found in the Redwood forests. Any family vacation would be filled with numerous sources of entertainment and adventurous fun in this neck of the woods.

During my youthful ventures through these forests, I remember the stretch of the roots spanned so much underground that I tripped over them, fell down, hit my chin, and broke a tooth! Going to a mountain dentist, however, is not a recommendation I give to anyone venturing to make this visit. So, be sure to watch your step!

Forgetting the fall, I remember being thoroughly captivated by the most spectacular forests that I've seen all my life. This memory is legendary to me, and waiting to be for you and your family as well. They also have cabins and lodges to complete your outdoors experience in these woods.

If you prefer water exploration, you only need to travel as far as Lake Tahoe. The scenery and landscape is breathtaking, but secondary to the adventures on the water. Your family will love spending their vacation at this popular watering hole.

Taking our journey south, family vacation is filled with the magic of Disney. Disneyland takes all our childhood fantasies and turns them into real life. Whether you prefer ride, shows, or just feats of manmade ingenuity, you can absorb them all to saturation. In fact, it would take a great deal of effort not to be happy while experiencing the Magic Kingdom.

Also, we have San Diego with the famous zoo and Seaworld water park. Watch the feats of great excitement as intelligent humans and animals work together to put on an exhilarating show. The preservation of such precious animals is heart warming to behold.

For the higher society, don't stop until you reach Hollywood for fashionable shopping, glamour, fame connections at your fingertips. Hollywood breathes the air of the fulfillment of dearest dreams, and accomplishment of finding the heart's desires. Fortune awaits you as you come see the land where all your dreams can come true

Without saying, California has grasped our attention as the most attractive arena for entertainment and vacation excitement. Spanning the land from Northern California to South, you are sure to find the destination you have always been looking for. Life is waiting to be found in the great land of California.

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