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Facts About Massachusetts
The state is geographically located off the region of New England and as a whole is located in the northeastern part of United States. Bordered by Rhode Island and the state of Connecticut in the south, by New York in the West, and New Hampshire and Vermont to the north. The Atlantic ocean opens up to the east borders of this state. Massachusetts has a population close to six million four hundred thousand people living in the metropolitan area of Boston. The other parts of the state are mostly urban and suburban with the exception of Western Massachusetts, which is more rural or sub rural at the best.

The state had been an important nexus point in the development, advancement and was an agent of change of American history. US-famous Plymouth had been an English settlement in America. The pioneering towns were founded by English around 1620s and 30s in this state.

The state had also been tagged as the Cradle of Liberty because it was where the gears where set off which led to the revolution and, finally, to the imminent independence achieved by the United States from the English. Massachusetts was also known for its quality of temperance. It was the main hub for several organizations, mainly the temperance movement, abolition of conditions leading to the American Civil war, and first state to fully recognize legal same-sex marriage.

The environmental state of Massachusetts is said to be of the second generation. The state, or commonwealth whichever name you put it, was very rich and lush filled with deciduous trees, mostly pine and oak. Logging had left the local ecology in shambles, with only several 'tree' islands left that were the original ancestors of the second generation of forests. The urbanization of the east has left most of its wildernesses non-existent.

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