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Driving Around Australia
Most airports, cities, suburbs and resort have a car rental company for you to utilize. Rent a mini van, four wheel drive or whatever car you desire and hit the well maintained roads, while enjoying your surroundings. In Australia you would be driving on the left side of the road, with your steering wheel on the right. Speed limits change depending on what state you are in but normally the maximum speed limit in cities is 60km/h and 50km/h in suburban areas. Country roads and highways have a maximum speed limit of 110km/h. The universal drunk driving and seat belt laws also apply.

An International visitor may drive in Australia on a valid overseas drivers licence for the same class of vehicle but if you are in doubt about your license being accepted in Australia you can apply for an International Licence from your local automobile association prior to your departure.

Rest areas appear frequently on the road in Australia. Since Australian road are less populated then what one may be used to, it is a good idea to frequently stop at theses areas to refresh yourself. Fatigue is the most serious danger on the roads. It is also a good idea to let someone know what time you are planning on arriving, when traveling on remote roads. This enables help procedures to be started promptly if you are not there within a reasonable amount of time. Also remember, NEVER leave your car, it is easier to find a missing car then a missing person.

Be careful when driving on country roads especially at night and in cold weather. Cattle and native animals such as kangaroos lie on the bitumen road surface which holds the warmth of the sun; car lights blind and mesmerize the animals and they easily may run into your car than away from it. Most native Australian wildlife is nocturnal .If you do hit something it is a good idea to call the local wildlife rescue centre as some female animals may have babies in their pouches that could be saved even if the mother couldn't. Depending on where you wish to travel and explore , the rental company you choose to get your car from will advise you on what type of vehicle to get and any local precautions you may need to take but wherever you go ,you will get a guaranteed adventure and beautiful views of a wonderful land.

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