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Milton Keynes - An Old Town with Contemporary Facilities
Milton Keynes is a rather new town situated towards the north-west of London, in the South East of England. It is a huge town, and also the major town in the Milton Keynes Borough. It came in the category of town in 1967 which makes it just over forty years old. "Milton Keynes" obtained this name from the neighbourhood village of Milton Keynes which is just east of the town centre. In the 60s, the government come to a decision that new towns should be made in the South East to decrease the problem of overcrowding in London where thousands of people were actually living in old houses. There were a few areas in London that were especially overcrowded with people living in poor housing and low quality of life.

To decrease this overcrowding and persuade people to go away of London without changing jobs, numerous towns were established close to London so that people could reposition to these and easily go back and forth from work.

The site for Milton Keynes is equidistant from several cities: London, Birmingham, Leicester, Oxford, and Cambridge. The idea was that the town would become self sufficient over time, and would eventually turn into a major city after a while.

The town is very modern in the way it is built and has many of its buildings being featured in architectural magazines. There are lots of parks, lakes, and a great network of roads which links it to all the nearby cities. The town centre is not a traditional town centre, but is in fact a business and shopping area. While Milton Keynes has applied for city status in the past, it has been rejected for this status and thus remains a town.

Milton Keynes is great place to live if you desire to work in a large city, but do not desire the big city life. It is not only serene and silent, but it is one of the finest built cities in the country with its grid design. Internal traffic is coped very resourcefully with twofold carriageways and pedestrian paths. It is also suitably near to the motorways and has enormous transport links with the rest of the country.

Living in the city is wonderful as well. It has culture in the form of arts and entertainment. There are shopping areas and business areas, as well as good schools, colleges, and hospitals. All this makes it an ideal town for a family to settle in. However, it is close enough to London that people can make the commute everyday for work.

It is the perfect town for those people that are looking for the advantages of the big city and a small town combined in one, which is exactly what the government was trying to do when they planned to built the town some forty years ago. This town is a marvel of architectural genius. Though the town may not be a historic town to visit when on holiday to the UK, but for people working in the country, this is the answer for people sick of high noise levels and congestion in big cities.

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