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Arkansas Crafts: Scrapbooking
Scrap booking is a craft-making that involves putting pictures in a photo album with art and embellishments. Scarp booking started as early as the 16th century. Scar booking is a hobby and some crafters earn from it by transforming this hobby to a money making opportunity. Crafters can sell their creations (without the photos of course!) to fellow scrap bookers. Scrap booking is a fun, easy and creative way to dress up your photo albums. Scrap booking can effectively organize your photo albums: from your baby pictures to favorite family vacations. Scrap booking is considered as a womans hobby although some males are into scrap booking as well. Scrap booking as an art is a very fun way to look at photo memories with art.

A scrap booking beginner should prepare the materials first before venturing in his first scrap booking project. The materials are: a photo album, photos, art or patterned paper, scissors, adhesives and art pens (for cute and adorable photo captions!). You may want to push your creative spirit a little farther and purchase some embellishments such as ribbons, buttons, glitter, etc. to design your scrap book.

For your first scrap booking project there are two basic kinds of albums that you may choose from: ring bounded albums and book bind. Ring bind has leaves held together by rings. It varies from three ring bind to multiple ring bind albums. Book bind albums have leaves bounded by book binds.

Have fun with your scrap booking hobby and save bucks from these money saving tips. You may use old jars or cigar boxes to store your embellishments. You may also use a used up silverware tray to separate knick knacks. Shoe boxes, candy jars and juice bottles are also excellent storage for embellishments. There are a lot of options to look for in storing your craft making supplies. You may never know that those items are just hidden away forgotten in your homes!

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