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Oh, Oysters!
Our family is a group of oysters-eater. We love eating oysters whether baked, boiled or grilled. We usually eat oysters boiled and dunk it in a saucer-full of native vinegar with chopped garlic and onion bits. When baking oysters, we normally put butter and a lot of cheese on top of it before putting it the oven. Rice and a cold glass of Coke are the perfect partners of our oyster party. Oysters are easy to open if they are boiled for a long time. A couple of years ago, I watched how fishermen eat freshly caught oyster by putting it in a shot glass of white wine and downing the whole thing. I believe the taste of uncooked seafood is pretty much like the cooked version. Think of sashimi and other raw Japanese seafood delicacy. Some people are addicted to eating these (not me!). I am never a big fan of raw or slightly cooked food.

The Amite Oyster Festival in Amite, Louisiana is held annually in commemoration of the Oyster industry in the town. The town is pretty much known as a home of the oysters, where these sea creatures are plentiful. Every year they get to choose the Festival King and Pearl where several judges are present to choose who is fitting to have the title.

The event will feature fun games, chili cook-offs, musical entertainment, an oyster parade, a beauty pageant, a carnival and dance performances from the towns line up of talented [performers. Adults and children will surely like the event. The whole family is welcome to participate in this much-awaited annual event. Oysters will be served in different cooking styles and recipes that the participants will surely enjoy.

The Oyster Festival is open to Amite locals and people from afar. Take part and savor the great site, wonderful activities and delicious oysters!

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