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Ecotourism: The New Way in Travel
The environment is a very important issue nowadays. People travel more and more each year. Travel is a great experience. It's something that everyone should do. However, there is a big environmental toll enacted by travel. Travel is not very green. Airplanes release carbon dioxide, people don't recycle, and lots of energy gets wasted. The climate change and energy the defining issues of the day, it's more important than ever before that we make our travels become more environmentally safe. During the last few years, a new wave has grown within in the travel industry called "eco-tourism" to turn travel green.

While most eco-tours are simply greener versions of normal tours, others offer specific angles: First, there is volunteering. Many tours are based on participants volunteering in local community initiatives and clean up projects. Many tours focus on educating groups about the local culture. This includes cooking classes, home stays, and language classes. The idea is to spread cultural respect and understanding while decreasing everyone's environmental impact. Lastly, some tours focus on environmental education. These highlight environmental issues in a local area and what can be done to improve the situation.

Besides just protecting the environment, green travel is about helping people. It's about using companies who protect the environment to show support with your own green. If people see they will make money from the environment they will be less likely to cut it down. Eco tours use companies who protect and save the environment and ensure that money stays in local communities.

Moreover, it promotes local conservation and trains locals on how protecting the environment is good for the planet but also for their wallet. Many companies run conservation programs and train locals on how to look after the environment. After all, no flora and fauna, no travel business.

Climate change, energy, the environment are issues that will change our century. The environment affects us all and, if we don't start reducing our impact on the earth, many of these unique spots in the world will vanish.

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