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Travelling With Vertigo
I travel by plane a great deal. In the process, I end up engaging in conversations with numerous people.Vertigo comes up quite a bit. I'm sure this is due to my profession. People have explained that travel tends to either cause a vertigo attack or worsens it. Those with vertigo are very familiar with what it is. It can be a feeling of spinning or of objects moving which disturbs balance.

While vertigo can also include dizzinesss, not everyone with dizziness actually has vertigo. An inner ear disorder is typically the cause of vertigo. It can also be caused by the central vistibular system disorders.

Fear of heights has been confused with vertigo - likely due to the Alfred Hitchcock flick. Bear in mind that the phobia of heights shares common vertigo symptoms (dizziness.) It is not however, necessarily vertigo. Conversely, people who are afflicted with this phobia do not tend to mind flying.

The most common type of vertigo is Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV). Certain head movements can bring it on due to calcium crystals becoming detached.

Some symptoms are: nausea, vomiting and eye shaking. Some exercises can help prevent the onset of vertigo as these attacks can linger for week to months.

While travel itself is not usually responsible for BPPV, head positioning when travelling can.

Temporary vertigo can be triggered with alcohol so it is suggested to abstain when flying and most certainly if driving.

Another less common form of vertigo is psychogenic. Panic and anxiety disorders are responsible for this and of course travelling can bring on an attack or make it worse.

Motion sickness is actually responsible for the discomfort most travellers suffer. The parts of the inner ear responsible for balance can be affected with motion. Boats are well known for bringing this on but auto and plane travel can do this as well.

The motion sickness sufferer tends to start experience symptoms rapidly. Headaches, dizziness or nausea are present.

When this occurs, maintaining a steady gaze and still head can provide some relief. Here again, abstaining from alcohol as well as smoking and reading can prevent the problem. Getting some fresh air also helps in treating it.

A number of over the counter drugs are popular for treating and preventing motion sickness. However, as with all drugs, side effects tend to occur as well.

An all natural treatment is my Dizziness and Vertigo Program. It is very successful at curing and alleviating vertigo and dizziness. It is also very effective for motion sickness.

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