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South Pacific Islands
The South Pacific is home to a lot of beautiful islands- some of the best in the world. These islands offer a lot to visitors- Polynesian culture, world war two historical sites, coral reefs, and volcanoes to name a few. There are thousands of tropical islands in the South Pacific that make fabulous holiday spots. They all make for great holiday spots and no matter where you go, you'll never go wrong. With so many tropical destinations to choose from, there is a little bit over everything here. A lot of the islands are so small they are only beach and a nearby coral reef. Other islands are so enormous they have volcanoes, a lot of animals, and even canyons. For any lover of tropical beaches, you have many options if you head to this part of the world. Here is a quick round up of the highlights:

Fiji remains one of the best island to choose from. There are over three hundred islands to choose from and you are bound to find something you like. If you want to party, visit the Yasawa island chain where the young backpackers go. For seclusion, head to the islands in the far east. For adventure, go anywhere. Fiji has something for everything traveler.

French Polynesia is one of the best romantic island destinations in the area, if not the world. Tahiti is famous for its expensive resorts and spas. The resort bungalows are like you see in postcards- right over the water. In the morning, start off with a swim and finish your day with a romantic candlelight meal on the beach. Tahiti is built around romance and luxury. Whatever you desire, can happen here.

Vanautu lies just south of the Solomon Islands and is a great place to go that is off the beaten path. Underwater visibility is great here and there seems to be a limitless amount of schools of colorful fish as well as a lot of submerged WWII wreckages. Above sea level, the scenery only gets more amazing, with beautiful palm trees, white sand beaches, and a clear blue sky.

Micronesia is a great place to enjoy spectacular diving at the many underwater wrecks in Chuuk. There are many historical ruins on the island to that date back centuries. You can not only learn a lot about nature here but also about the local culture since many sites are so well preserved. After working up a sweat hiking, dive into the clear blue and warm ocean and just melt into the scenery. It is pure paradise here.

For those looking for amazing tropical islands, you can't beat the South Pacific islands. They offer some of the best beaches, best diving, best ocean in the world. There is great food and culture on these islands too. Polynesian culture is rich, diverse and has a long history. After a long day in the sun, there is nothing like a little outdoor BBQ and dance to make the perfect day even better. By far, I believe that the best tropical islands are in this part of the world.

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