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Culture: Virginia
Virginia's rich culture and history is a widely-known phenomenon across America, thanks to Presidents Washington, Lee and Jefferson, as all presidents have their hometowns being located in Virginia. (As mentioned in the previous articles, Virginia hosts the birth towns of at least nine presidents.) Virginia's modern culture and heritage is a mixture of the cultures of the different states of Southern USA. By default, the Smithsonian Institution has divided Virginia into nine distinct, cultural regions for identification. Regions are Eastern Shore, Hampton Roads, Chesapeake Bay, Northern Virginia, Central Virginia, Southern Virginia, Shenandoah Valley, Blue Ridge Highlands, and the Heart of Appalachia. All regions aren't necessarily geographical but they are condensed by same cities, towns, and counties.

The Piedmont region is one of the most prolific for its strong account and influence on the modern accent of Southern American English. But of course, other accents still exist, like the Tidewater Accent of the South, Tangier Island's Elizabethan accent and the different lingos implemented in Standard American English by different urban communities that usually stem from people of varying culture, race and age.

Southern United States has a very distinct cuisine that is unique from the other states, and Virginia certainly has its own taste and flavor in terms of food. Smithfield ham, or more popularly known as Virginia ham, is a country ham so well protected that it is a crime to produce it outside its hometown of Smithfield.

Architecture is also a strong product of Virginia's steadfast culture. Most of the old city buildings and riggings of important structures are laced with Neo Classical architecture, due to the past presidents' who favored it over anything else. The Dutch style (more commonly, Pennsylvania Dutch) is also predominant in most parts of the state, giving outsiders an idea of Virginia's taste for architectural integrity and aestheticism.

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