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Arizona's Red Hot Chili Event!
Chili Pepper is commonly known as a vegetable but it is actually a spice used to improve and add zest to the taste of dishes. In some countries all over the world, chili peppers are used as table sauces that are directly eaten together with the meal. Sounds hot, isnt it? There are countries and regions that have chili peppers as part of their kitchen staples. No meal will be complete without it! Lets just say that chili is always a part of their family recipe, a meal is not a meal without a chili. Chili peppers have a chemical component known as Capsaicin which can be effectively washed down by drinking a glass of milk. Milk is found to have components that can block capsaicin receptors. Milk is the perfect neutralizer for capsaicin, not water. Chili peppers have several varieties and these are: habanero, tabasco, cayenne, jalapeno, etc. Chili peppers are further subdivided into three categories namely: sweet peppers, bell peppers and hot peppers.

Chili cook offs are done in Arizona to celebrate this famous spice. Some organizations such as the Chili Appreciation Society International, Inc. (CASI) had been promoting this kitchen recipe wonder to be the National Food of the United States of America. They are harvesting funds through cook offs for charity and public awareness through education of chili. They wanted to promote to the public the historical and cultural significance of chili.

Cook off contests for chili has the following criteria: aroma, red color, consistency, taste and aftertaste. Te winning recipe is featured in the organizers internet page or headquarters where the recipe is publicly listed for everyone to see and perhaps, replicate.

There are many recipes which can be done through chili peppers. Chili con Carne is a classic favorite and it is very easy to make. It is usually the recipe made during cook offs. Chili con carne is a family favorite. It is widely popular to be a Mexican dish but its roots are actually proven to be Texan.

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