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California: Economics
The economic state of California holds a direct influence on the monetary system of the United States of America, due to the fact that the state pays more than as to the benefits it receives from monetary funds and benefits. There are at least four major economic regions surrounding California. Hollywood, whose movies and projects cost and create a lot of money. California Central Valley, responsible for agriculture and the produce that supplies the state and its surrounding neighbors. Silicon Valley, which deals with the production, creation and development of computer hardware and electronic devices. And the wineries of California, particularly Napa Valley, Sonoma Valley and others.

By 2002, these regions were divided and more were added to the classification system. Among these were: Trade, Transportation and Utilities, Government, Professional and Business Service Providers, Education and Health, Leisure and Hospitality, Manufacturing, Financial Services, Construction, Information, Internet Business and Marketing and Agriculture.

The state also draws a lot of its income from tourism and international trade; after all, California IS the 'melting pot' of cultures in the United States. The tourism department makes at least an annual income of 134 billion dollars; with one third of that only coming from exports. The 96 billion something dollars left comes from revenue from direct traveling in to California.

California also has competition with the other states in terms of agricultural produce. This includes the production of wines, cheese, dairy products, fruits and vegetables. California has been known to lead in the dairy category, with milk being the number one farming commodity, and has generated jobs and employment for at least 400,000 people across the state.

Prospecting oil, so called liquid-gold, has also been under development. So far, rich strikes have been made near the Californian Coasts, Long Beach and Los Angeles. Oil drilling is not something new, it has actually supported the state over the years, now only making a comeback due to reduced and cheaper costs in drilling for oil around these areas.

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