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Arizona Beer-y Exciting Festival!
Beer is always associated as a mans drink. It is sometimes considered as the drink of a real macho. Beer is the third most popular drink next from water and tea. Beer commercials often feature a guy with a beautiful lady companion and a nice car as if giving the message that beer is the drink of a real man. Beers have light to hard tangy flavor and are great to match with pizza or nuts. Beer is produced all over the world which basic ingredient is water. Beers are manufactured in a process called brewing. Brewing involves mixing together the two base ingredient of beer which is water and malt. The starch is broken down into sugar and transformed to beer during fermentation process where yeast is also present. A manufacturing plant for produced beer is called a brewery. Early breweries date back to the 16th century.

Beer festivals are much awaited events by fun loving people. Beer festivals often showcase beer tasting portions, beer bazaars, live bands, fun and exciting games. There are certain rules that need to be followed in attending these events though. Adults over the age of 21 are only allowed to enter which is always backed up by an ID. Pets and firearms are banned from the festival.

The Great Arizona Festival is an annual beer festival where proceeds will go to the Arizona Sun Sounds, a media arm of the state of Arizona for visually challenged/ impaired individuals. The Arizona Sun Sounds is a radio channel that features useful present information for people who have disability in seeing current issues over the papers.

The Great Arizona Beer Festival is also kind to the attendees drivers who do not drink because they need to drive their companion home safely. To boost their morale (while perhaps waiting while everyone else is drinking and having fun) a special drivers place is allocated for them. Equally exciting activities can be found in this area where a live band, food kiosks and interesting activities can also be done.

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