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Napa Valley Winter Festival
Come the time when mustard is ripe for the picking, the season for the Napa Valley Mustard Festival begins. The period usually extends from January to mid-March. It offers, food, art, wine and culture during its 3 month long celebration. The festival was made to attract visitors to local businesses during these first three months when the mustard fields are lush with green and yellow. With this reason to celebrate, the tourists also are able to discover and explore the subtlety and the elegance of Napa Valley. This event also unites the mustard growers in the area, to be able to come up with the most wonderful of festival events and reasons for revelry.

The festival had started off with no funds at all, George Rothwell had the challenge of making an event for the community so that it could 'liven up the winter months and explore the spectacular scenery'. But thanks to the Summers-McCann Public Relations, a company responsible for the marketing food and wine with the arts, he was able to get enough funds to start his plan.

The Mustard season has been unprecedented and underused up until Mr. Rothwell had seen the feasibility of using it to promote the Valley. Before the festival was established, there had already been a growing crowd that had planned to visit Napa Valley during the months of January, February and March. Now that it has been established, the visitors had a reason to go to Napa Valley at these supposedly sleepy months, the hotels now have no need to cut off employees during the winter months and market revenues are up by a whole lot of shares.

Napa Valley is more known for its wines, but you can never have too much of a good mustard as well. Try and visit Napa Valley for the annual Mustard Festival to experience good food, good wine, and good service.

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