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California: Demographics
California's demographics can be considered one of the most complicated and most diverse around United States and even across the world. There is no set figure for the demographics, almost every year, the figures tend to shift dramatically in size, composition and growth rate. The state doesn't have a major ethnic group, oftentimes lacking in what they call as 'primordial culture'. California can be called a 'majority-minority' state. There are a lot of national communities, ethnic encampments and the like. At least over 200 languages, both major and minor are spoken in California, specifically Los Angeles and the border of the United States and Mexico.

The most populous city would be Los Angeles, as it ranks second largest with a population of four million. Other cities ranking is San Diego (at 8th), San Jose (at 10th), and San Francisco (at 14th). Others also follow, proving California as a primary hub of civilization.

The racial make-up of California's population is mostly made up of White Americans, followed by the Latinos and those of Spanish origin, Asian American (mostly Filipinos) and then African American, Chinese, Koreans, and the American Indians at the last ranking. Languages rank in with standard American English being the main language spoken, followed by Spanish. Chinese follows, followed by Tagalog (Philippines) and Vietnamese.

California also has no specific religion that it follows. The state is known to be liberal-minded, with not much of any major religion at all. The most numerous however are the Roman Catholics, so it pretty much follows that most of the holidays (Christmas for example) are celebrated here (though there's not much of the spirit as it was there a long time ago). Mormons also make a good population of California, followed by other denominations both Eastern (like Buddhism, Shintoism, Taoism) and Western religions.

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